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Issue Date: July 2007

First Sun x64 blade sold in SA

12 July 2007

Broad-based ICT supplier, Pinnacle Micro, has concluded an implementation agreement with the Department of Housing, Local Government and Traditional Affairs (DGITO), which includes the sale and installation of the first Sun x64 blade sold in South Africa.
The installation, performed in conjunction with Workgroup's Horizon division, began when the department made contact with Pinnacle's Port Elizabeth office recently in search of a powerful server that offered better ways of managing IT resources while assisting in rolling out services to support critical department operations and users.
So says Nation Madikiza, senior manager at DGITO who was initially tasked with researching the department's options across South Africa.
"We evaluated a number of products through seminars, technology updates and information from other departments and finally settled on the Sun offering," he says.
"The Sun Blade 8000 Modular system was highly rated in terms of pricing, power efficiency and processor heat management and finding complementary software proved simple enough as we realised Workgroup's VMware offering was well adapted to these server offerings.
"All in all, the complete solution became the preferred route due to the efficiency we envisage in terms of power, space, cooling and processor utilisation."
Sandi Mackie, sales executive - government at Pinnacle says the Sun Blade 8000 modular system has been specifically designed for high end x86 computing that delivers the best of both worlds: the performance, price and flexibility of rackmount servers, and the serviceability and efficiency of blades.
"The system provides up to double the I/O configurations and throughput of blade servers, while outperforming rackmount servers taking up 50% less space and offering up to 40% lower power requirements."
Adrian Futcher, VPR business development manager at Horizon says, "They ultimately decided on the blade system due to server sprawl issues they were facing at the time. The department was faced with space limitations in their data centre and needed to consolidate all of their current servers onto one. Another key factor in their decision making process was the upgrade path where, as the department grows, they can easily add blades without the need for more space.
"At present, the department is running two blades in the chassis and plan to expand to run four virtual servers per blade. This means that they can consolidate eight servers on two blades which, from a cost perspective, means a great saving on their part."
For more information contact Nation Madikiza, DGITO, +27 (0)40 609 5380,, Sandi Mackie, Pinnacle Micro - PE, +27 (0)41 365 1088,, Adrian Futcher, Workgroup - Horizon, +27 (0)11 654 6184,

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