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Issue Date: July 2007

Dell does virtualisation

12 July 2007

Dell has announced the availability of standards-based virtualisation services and solutions for companies in Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) looking to run multiple applications and operating systems on a single server whilst reducing costs, maximising resources and increasing IT efficiency. Virtualisation is a key practice area for Dell’s Infrastructure Consulting Services which helps businesses evaluate, design and optimise their standards-based IT infrastructure.
Integral to the standardised services is Dell’s Virtualisation Readiness Assessment (VRA).  Virtualised environments enable administrators to quickly move workloads from one virtual workspace to another; easily prioritising business needs while maximising resources and consolidating applications and physical servers. The VRA provides companies with an effective way to evaluate the impact a virtual infrastructure will have on its data centre. 
The Virtualisation Readiness Assessment assists businesses with the simplification of their IT infrastructure by highlighting how a virtualised environment will improve server management, maximise uptime and streamline deployment enabling the company to simplify and effectively scale operations to meet the present and future demands of the business. Most importantly the service indicates potential financial savings that a virtual infrastructure provides to customers. In addition to the VRA, Dell provides customers with a number of other virtualisation services including ‘health checks’, infrastructure and migration workshops, as well as design and implementation services that include Proof of Concept testing through the Solution Innovation Centre prior to deployment in order to provide a single source for a tested and partner validated virtualised solution.
"Increasingly, companies are looking for ways to make themselves more agile and competitive as well as create the most efficient IT infrastructure within the organisation," said Doug Downing, enterprise brand manager for Dell South Africa. "By managing and scaling resources as needed, organisations can continually refresh their IT infrastructure to support their dynamic business needs.  Dell is committed to working with its customers and partners in order to deliver the most enhanced virtualisation solution on the market, backed up by industry leading support and services.” 
Working with best of breed strategic partners including VMware, Microsoft, Redhat and Novell/Suse, Dell is driving development to ensure virtualisation becomes a standard, embedded element of mainstream IT infrastructure, whilst providing customers with extended choice.

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