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Issue Date: August 2007

Comztek to distribute Virtual Iron

30 August 2007

In a move to provide its resellers with best-of-breed virtualisation technology, Comztek has announced the addition of the Virtual Iron suite of products to its software infrastructure product range.
Virtual Iron software enables organisations to transform their physical server, storage and network resources into a centrally managed pool, for creating and managing virtual infrastructure in the data centre. Virtual Iron is focused on advanced virtualisation and management capabilities that take full advantage of industry standards and open source economics. These solutions dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of service delivery.
"There is a growing need for virtualisation solutions as it becomes increasingly difficult for companies to manage cost in their data centres," says Mark Dorfling, Comztek Software Infrastructure business unit director. "Comztek has added Virtual Iron to its range of products and solutions to address this demand. Virtual Iron provides our resellers with cost effective virtualisation solutions to tackle many data centre shortcomings."
Marc Pratt, sales manager, SYSDBA and African representative for Virtual Iron, says, "The adoption of virtualisation has been slow in Africa.
Other proprietary technologies come in at a significant price point, in some cases more expensive than the hardware that it runs on. With Virtual Iron, customers are able to leverage cost effective virtualisation solutions for both server and desktop environments."

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