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Issue Date: September 2007

Aspect Software launches PerformanceEdge

13 September 2007

Aspect Software has announced the launch of PerformanceEdge, a contact centre optimisation suite that synchronises workforce management, recording and quality management, performance management, campaign management, and coaching and eLearning to holistically improve business performance.
By bringing critical performance optimisation functionality together, PerformanceEdge enables businesses to control costs, enhance service levels and align contact centre performance with strategic company goals.
"Both inbound and outbound focused contact centres are struggling to meet the growing demands of the consumer and the business due to a number of factors, including increasing transaction volumes, limited insight into realtime events, siloed systems requiring manual report compilation and too many technologies that do not support business process initiatives," said Bob Kelly, vice president, PerformanceEdge Group at Aspect Software.
"Now, for the first time, with PerformanceEdge, managers are able to tap into historical data, evaluate realtime intelligence and plan future scenarios to gain a complete, end-to-end view of contact centre performance and, with the benefit of that information, take immediate action in the face of changing business conditions."
PerformanceEdge offers existing integrations to all leading ACDs and predictive diallers, including those from Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, as well as Aspect Software. The solution also includes integrations to customer relationship management (CRM) systems and other back office solutions allowing organisations to leverage a complete range of information about their company-customer interactions. PerformanceEdge consolidates data on agent performance, response times, average handle times, call recordings and campaign metrics, empowering managers to make decisions that lead to better operational efficiency and agent effectiveness with optimal resources.
PerformanceEdge offers unified management, administration, data collection, workflows, reporting and data sharing across multiple applications and sites. By bringing together Aspect eWorkforce Management, Aspect Quality Management, Aspect Performance Management, Aspect Enterprise Campaign Manager and Aspect Campaign Optimizer, PerformanceEdge provides:
* Workforce Management - enables organisations to plan and manage the performance of inbound, blended and outbound staff.
* Performance Management - measures, analyses and communicates performance results to continuously improve business processes and ensure they are aligned with business goals.
* Recording and Quality Management - records, evaluates and analyses agent interactions and captures realtime customer feedback to deliver insights into business issues and agent performance.
* Campaign Management - optimises outbound and blended campaign strategies and increases productive contacts by pinpointing best time-to-call.
* Coaching and eLearning - provides needs-based coaching capabilities, as well as e-learning management and content authoring tools.
"Enterprises need to do what they can to maintain a competitive edge and that includes making sure customer service is not compromised by poor contact centre performance," said Paul Stockford, president and chief analyst of Saddletree Research. "With PerformanceEdge, Aspect has redefined and brought together the key ingredients for complete performance optimisation to ensure the contact centre is firing on all cylinders. The sheer quality and quantity of data - spanning both inbound and outbound contacts - that can be parsed, analysed and leveraged will truly bolster an enterprise's ability to react immediately to customer demands."

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