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Issue Date: October 2007

Document management aids productivity

1 October 2007

Kyocera is offering customers an application known as PaperPort, which can provide full support for business document management and is available for free with any Kyocera MFP (multifunctional product). It allows users to organise their scanned documents as they are created.
"PaperPort picks up any new document that is scanned and then stores it in the user-assigned folder for easy access and better organisation of records," says Michael Powell, product manager for corporate enterprise at Kyocera Mita South Africa.
Document management is a priority in all businesses, as customers look for ways to handle information overload and productively gain value from the ever-expanding amounts of information stored on systems and as hard copy.
"This puts the file structures in place to make sure that documents can be easily searched and found - even long after they are created - and that productivity is not impacted by cumbersome searches at a later stage. The software allows you to search text from pdf; Tiff, DCX and PaperPort images. This can be combined with Kyocera's pdf kit, which is optional on some devices, for compression and security, to increase the value of the solution."
Studies have shown that anything up to 80% of a company's information resources resides on individual users' machines that are either not well structured or duplicated in a central data store. The consequence is that documents that might well be critical to business processes are hard to search and not always shared with other users. As a result, productivity is impacted as people spend extra time looking for information.
A parallel concern is document security. It is impossible to have a robust security solution for information and documents if there is no central view of what documents are actually available.
"PaperPort goes a long way towards answering customers' needs for better management of their information resources," says Powell. "With that improved management, comes a wealth of other benefits, such as improved productivity and security to name just the two foremost concerns.
"This technology is included with any of our MFPs and it is also available for any device with scanning ability as a free add-on."
Once the administrator has done the configuration, it can store any document that is created, including those taken from portable media. These documents are then tagged according to the criteria that the user specifies and held in structured file storage, making life a lot easier when a search is executed.
Looking to the future, and in keeping with the overall company goals, Kyocera is working on making this technology a mature and full-featured solution for networked machines - a true enterprise solution.

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