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Issue Date: October 2007

Bank of Ethiopia goes 24x7

1 October 2007

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia has implemented APC-MGE's on-demand architecture, InfraStruXure, to ensure the reliability of its backups and enable the bank to provide a more reliable customer service.
The organisation provides all basic banking services to its customers, which range from individuals, businesses of all sizes, government and NGOs to embassies, with close to 800 000 customer accounts residing on the central servers within the bank's data centre.
According to Eng. Mekonnen Abebe, manager: hardware and network services at Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, some of the specific challenges faced by the bank included having to ensure constant availability for the platforms on which all of its banking applications are running.
"Our bank controls nearly 80% of finance within Ethiopia, so any system interruption will significantly affect not only the business in particular but also the country's economy in general."
Prior to the implementation of the InfraStruXure solution, this presented a real issue to Commercial Bank of Ethiopia because of the poor quality of power in Ethiopia and the bank's need for a reliable power supply system to support its central servers.
"Power remains a critical issue as most IT systems will crash if the supply is significantly interrupted," says Carl Kleynhans, regional director: Africa at APC-MGE. "At the same time, without sufficient cooling, IT equipment cannot maintain efficient operation for long. The consolidation of the data centre from room to row to rack has brought power and cooling issues to the fore.
Carl Kleynhans, regional director: Africa at APC-MGE
Carl Kleynhans, regional director: Africa at APC-MGE
"Expanding the building block approach beyond power, InfraStruXure integrates the rack, cooling, power, management and services that comprise NCPI into an open, adaptable and integrated solution."
Says Abebe: "We needed a redundant architecture and power supply systems connected in parallel, providing an early warning and remote notification facility. InfraStruXure offered us a highly redundant solution that is exceptionally reliable and, since its implementation, has provided conditioned power to all of the servers and communication equipment in our data centre on which our banking applications reside.
"Within Ethiopia's increasingly competitive banking environment, we have to be able to provide 24-hour banking services with virtually with no downtime to our customers. This can only be possible through deploying reliable power back-up systems, which we feel the InfraStruXure has managed to provide us with. APC-MGE supplied us with a reliable product and efficient and high quality support services."
For more information contact Jacqui Gradwell, APC, +27 (0)11 465 5414,

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