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Issue Date: October 2007

More processing muscle from Quad-Core PRIMERGY RX330 S1 server

11 October 2007

Further enabling server consolidation within a data centre, Fujitsu Siemens Computers has announced a simple upgrade path delivering additional processor muscle for workhorse application and virtualisation rack servers within a data centre.
The new PRIMERGY RX330 S1 rack-mount servers share the same power and thermal envelope characteristics with other servers in the RX300 family - making 'fork lift' upgrades a reality: a simple route to additional compute power by simply upgrading the CPUs, without infrastructure changes such as expanding server racks or tackling additional power and cooling complications.
Featuring the new AMD Opteron Quad-Core 2300 Series processors (Codename Barcelona), the new, energy-efficient PRIMERGY RX330 S1 rack-mount servers offer efficiency in every respect, and were designed to meet the all-round needs for optimal operation within a data centre - providing state-of-the-art efficiency in system design, CPU (processor), power consumption and virtualisation capabilities.
The new RX330 S1 provides a very simple upgrade path - simply swopping out lower-powered processors in existing rack servers, replacing them with new super-efficient Quad-Core AMD Opteron 2300 Series models. In developing the new PRIMERGY RX330 S1 and entry-level Econel 230R S1 servers, Fujitsu Siemens Computers ensured that they share the exact same power and cooling requirements of other PRIMERGY servers equipped with second-generation Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors.
The arrival of widespread virtualisation within the data centre has brought new problems - running multiple virtual machines on a rack server is a resource-hungry operation that makes high demands of processor cycles. The new Fujitsu Siemens Computers quad-core processor-powered PRIMERGY RX330 S1 and Econel 230R S1 servers provide a simple solution to the resource problem, delivering more processing muscle and faster switching for VMs (virtual machines) than ever before, and are targeted at customers who require the ultimate in server price-performance stakes.
With its compact design, taking up just 2U of server rack space, the PRIMERGY RX330 S1 industry standard server is ideally suited as a workhorse unit, offering enough local storage capacity to smoothly handle tasks such as application server and as part of a larger server farm.
The RX330's use of quad-core chips provides ample processing power to enhance virtualisation capabilities, while simultaneously consuming less power than single and dual-core-powered servers. Focused on a competitive price/performance ratio, the PRIMERGY RX330 S1 with first AMD Opteron 2344 Quad-Core is available from October 2007. Higher frequencies will be available from November.
Also available from November 2007, the Econel 230R S1 is the first economy line server in the PRIMERGY Econel line-up to feature a quad-core processor. An entry-level general-purpose machine targeted at the small enterprise, the Econel 230R S1 offers the reliability and storage capacity needed for a standalone application server, web server or terminal server.

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