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Issue Date: November 2007

DiData in R21 million outsource contract with Adcorp

1 November 2007

Dimension Data South Africa has secured a R21 million, two year outsource contract from Adcorp Holdings. Adcorp Holdings is a listed corporation that runs a R2,5 billion business in human capital management and market advisory services.
The contract is 100% service-related and involves the following outsourced services: governance and contract management; change, configuration and procurement services; architecture services; desktop management services; help desk services; LAN administration and management; server management; network maintenance; computer hardware maintenance; and third party management.
Grant Bodley, senior general manager: Dimension Data Teamsource said Dimension Data secured the account as it was able to leverage all of its expertise across all the company's lines of business.
"We were able to offer an unrivalled solution that covered the diversity of the client's needs. This is literally a one-stop shop for multiple services, with a single point of contact and accountability, and backed by an outstanding track record of service delivery."
Bodley said, "Factors which strongly differentiated Dimension Data were the good relationships which had been forged with key players in Adcorp and the ability of Dimension Data's team to identify and leverage skills from across the company.
"Our flexibility and commitment in meeting Service Level Agreements, proven ability to provide our clients with innovative solutions and good processes and discipline in running an outsource account helped us win this contract."
Kobus Pienaar, CIO from Adcorp, said the company had selected Dimension Data South Africa for its ability to meet their specialised requirements and flexibility in providing a solution. "We have had a good working relationship with Dimension Data and are confident that they will deliver an innovative outsourced service which will allow us to focus on our core business of human capital management."

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