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Issue Date: November 2007

Pinnacle Micro announces D-Link's 3G router

15 November 2007

Pinnacle Micro as announced the availability of the D-Link 3G router.
The new 3G router answers the mobile user's need for setting up a wireless network on-the-go.
Tiens Lange, Pinnacle Micro's product manager for D-Link, said the D-Link 3G router enables users to quickly create a secure wireless 802.11g (108G) network and provide access to the Internet using a cellular signal.
"By connecting an 1xEV-DO, UMTS or HSDPA Internet PC card to the 3G Mobile Router, an Internet Connection can be accessed and shared virtually anywhere within a wireless broadband network.
The 3G mobile router lets the user share a mobile Internet connection with his group, whether for work or play. This allows the user to stay on top of e-mails, read news, chat with friends, download music or shop online.
Lange said the 3G router can be used as a fixed broadband Internet solution in homes and offices that do not have a cable or DSL service available, but are within a compatible mobile wireless network.
Conversely, if you are already subscribing to a mobile Internet service you can simply use the mobile 3G router in your home, instead of paying extra for a wired, high-speed Internet connection.
The 3G mobile router also has the ability to create a secure Wi-Fi network by supporting the latest wireless security features to prevent unauthorised access. Support for WEP,WPA and WPA2 ensures that you will be able to secure your Wi-Fi network, regardless of your client devices, said Lange.
The 3G mobile router can be set up within minutes, making it easy to use while on-the-go.

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