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Issue Date: January 2008

Gigabit clustering managed switches from SMC

31 January 2008

SMC Networks has announced shipment of two additional switches in its TigerSwitch family – the SMC8150L2 and the SMC8126L2.
Designed for both enterprise and SMB, the SMC8150L2 is a 50-port managed switch with four Gigabit combo ports (RJ45/ SFP) and the SMC8126L2 is the 26-port version.
Flexibility in network configuration is offered through an IP clustering facility that allows up to 32 individual switches from the 6100 and 8100 series to be grouped together as one easy to manage, virtual entity requiring a single IP address.
Paul Luff, country manager at SMC Networks South Africa, says the new solutions will add measurable value to local users, providing higher levels of flexibility and information transfer capability.
“The latest in our portfolio of Gigabit clustering managed switches facilitate high speed data transfer and save on bandwidth usage through the most up to date filtering and security technology features,” he says
The SMC8150L2 and the SMC8126L2 are gigabit edge switches offering advanced switching features for bandwidth-intensive networks including Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure smooth transfer of critical data, Multiple Spanning Tree for maximum security and bandwidth efficiency and IGMP snooping to filter IP multicast traffic, resulting in bandwidth savings and increased LAN performance.
Comprehensive security support is also provided through security features including RADIUS, IEEE 802.1x, SSH, SSL, TACACS+ and ACL.

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