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Issue Date: January 2008

TIBCO extends support for Cisco DAL solution

31 January 2008

TIBCO Software has announced TIBCO Rendezvous and TIBCO Enterprise Message Service support for the new Cisco server host and fabric software, known as Datagram Acceleration Layer (DAL). Tests indicate that deploying TIBCO's messaging platform on Cisco InfiniBand Server Fabric Switches and Cisco DAL radically accelerate message rates and reduce message delivery latency.
"Rising message rates and the continued growth of algorithmic trading are driving heightened bandwidth requirements for data distribution and automated transactions," says Marco Gerazounis, TIBCO Director - Middle East & Africa. "Our recent compatibility and benchmark testing on this powerful hardware, software combination demonstrates the ability of two industry leaders to address the growing demand for high-performance and ultra low latency across key industry specific environments including automated trading, communications backbones, and service delivery networks."
TIBCO Rendezvous testing with DAL
TIBCO and Cisco rigorously tested the new DAL software with the TIBCO Rendezvous messaging platform to ensure compatibility and benchmark performance of the solution. The TIBCO Rendezvous platform is comprised of two main components - the Rendezvous Application Programming Interface (API) and Rendezvous Daemon. Leveraging a distributed architecture, application information flows from the API to Rendezvous Daemon and then out to the network. TIBCO rvperf and rvlat utilities were used to benchmark the performance of the solution. Test results showed message rates improved by more than 300%, and latency was reduced by 38% on average without any modification to the application or the TIBCO Rendezvous environment.
"We are able to exceed the challenges of capital markets customers through the development of a fully validated, tested and industry supported solution that ensures the reliable deployment of new technology quickly and easily," says Krish Ramakrishnan, vice president and general manager of the Server Virtualization Business Unit, Cisco.
"And working closely with TIBCO, we can also reduce the cost and complexity of managing the realtime flow of information across systems and improve the way organisations do business."
Cisco Datagram Acceleration Layer
Multicast market data traffic is transported transparently by the Cisco DAL software across the infrastructure. The DAL software is designed to significantly accelerate applications and middleware without requiring any changes to a trading application. It accomplishes this by creating a user space library, which eliminates buffer copies and reduces context switches, the main cause of transport related latency, latency jitter, and low message rate capacity in automated trading infrastructures.

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