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Issue Date: February 2008

QBCon cuts business intelligence costs

7 February 2008

Even very sizeable businesses can now install a business intelligence tool in under three weeks - without having to make any significant changes to their current database systems.
QBCon, the business solution provider who makes this possible, has already accomplished the feat five times in the past two months. Europ Assistance, Nedbank, IHD, and Matrix vehicle tracking have all benefitted from EasyAsk installations by QBCon.
EasyAsk is a natural language database search engine that returns results fast and without the need for the IT department to configure systems for new reports. In layman's terms, an employee can type a normal English language sentence such as: 'show me all the Johannesburg sales greater than one million rand?' or 'what did JB Smith buy in March?' and EasyAsk will produce the report in seconds.
This function makes it possible to access all the data in the database and is a valuable business and trend analysis tools. The EasyAsk format makes it an ideal help for strategic planning and customer service. Call centre staff can now access specific information while online with the customer. The EasyAsk functionality is also available to the consumer directly, making sure that the probability of an online sale becomes significantly higher.
QBCon is able to configure EasyAsk for most servers and database systems. The cost varies depending on the size and complexity of the installation, but is significantly lower than competing programmes, especially since it has a short implementation time.
QBCon is the first company in South Africa to be certified as an EasyAsk reseller.

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