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Issue Date: February 2008

Westcon SA launches VMWARE Infrastructure

7 February 2008

Westcon SA has introduced VMWARE Infrastructure to its technology offering. As the most widely deployed software suite for optimising and managing standard IT environments through virtualisation, VMWARE can be deployed from the desktop to the data centre.
"With the vast opportunities for growth in the middle market we sought after a technology offering that would provide a niche solution to our partners enabling them to grow and expand their businesses," says Graham Vorster, chief technology officer, Westcon South Africa. "The introduction of this technology is part of our strategy to expand our software portfolio with products that meet the demands of the market and that enhance Westcon South Africa's current portfolio. VMWARE will also significantly enhance our Midmarket reseller program. This year we will continue to introduce more products that complement these offerings."
Westcon SA sales and support staff have undergone intensive VMWARE training, enabling them to provide expert advice and support to the channel. "We expect the response to the launch of VMWARE to be as overwhelming as it has been in our African operation," he says.
According to Vorster, virtualisation offers many benefits, including substantial savings on both capital and operating costs. He says virtualisation also increases hardware utilisation and reduces hardware requirements as a result of server consolidation. The result is decreased labour costs since virtualisation simplifies and automates certain resource intensive IT operations. "This will be of massive benefit in SA where the industry is struggling to overcome a debilitating skills shortage in the ICT sector."
He says VMWARE infrastructure eliminates many of the constraints of traditional hardware, enabling enterprises to operate on fewer servers while still ensuring high availability of critical applications.
Furthermore, virtualisation streamlines software testing and development, by consolidating environments and securing enterprise desktops regardless of their geographical location.
He adds that VMWARE eliminates the issue of interoperability between legacy applications and new software. Legacy operating systems and software applications can seamlessly be migrated to virtual machines running on new hardware.
Vorster says VMWARE improves responsiveness, serviceability, availability and flexibility of the infrastructure. "One of the greatest benefits is the reduction in the cost of rack space and proportionate power usage. With our intensified power problems, these types of products are essential in ensuring businesses can remain open and productive despite interruptions," he concludes.

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