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Issue Date: February 2008

Make your files disappear and reappear

14 February 2008

The X-KEY, distributed by RCG Systems SA, provides file encryption and enhanced PC security, making files visible when the X-Key is slotted into a USB port and untraceable when it is removed.
The unit, the size of a flash disk, provides privacy and personal information protection, designed to safeguard data from unauthorised access, accidental deletion and intentional damage.
The X-KEY will protect confidential files and folders in stealth mode, so others cannot see or find the files on the computer. Folders simply vanish.
As a secondary security measure, it can also be used to protect access to computer with a PC-lock function. Once the X-Key is removed from the USB port the X-Key can be set to lock the computer and no access will be granted unless the X-Key is inserted into the USB port.

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