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Issue Date: March 2008

TIBCO expands ActiveMatrix platform to further simplify SOA

13 March 2008

TIBCO Software has announced the general availability of TIBCO ActiveMatrix 2.0 featuring expanded capabilities for integration, composite application development and governance under a single platform to better manage heterogeneous service oriented architectures (SOAs).
This latest release enables customers to achieve up to 50% greater productivity and lower cost of ownership compared to alternative approaches.
"We want to be able to leapfrog the competition and we believe that what we are doing with TIBCO will enable us to do just that," says Melanee Haywood, vice president, Engineering and Common Services, Delta Technology. "We expect to recognise at least a 50% hardware cost savings through retiring legacy systems as well as a 25% reduction in developer costs through the re-use of services."
With the TIBCO ActiveMatrix platform organisations are able to build next-generation applications that combine services created with disparate vendor technologies. The platform also replaces much of the technical coding involved in service creation, deployment and management, giving business analysts, architects, developers and administrators a common environment that streamlines application development. With built-in governance and management capabilities administrators have the control they need from a single, reliable console to easily deploy applications, apply policies without having to change the services, and add load balancing or fault tolerance to keep applications up and running.
In this latest release, TIBCO ActiveMatrix has been expanded to further simplify SOA integration, composite application development and governance under a unified platform to increase productivity. In addition to TIBCO ActiveMatrixT Service Grid and TIBCO ActiveMatrixT Policy Manager, new platform components include ActiveMatrix BusinessWorksT and ActiveMatrixT Service Bus. Companies can now build, deploy and manage service-oriented applications with any combination of Java, .NET, service mediation, orchestration, and existing custom and packaged applications. Business and IT users can also collaborate more easily to compose composite applications by leveraging ActiveMatrix 2.0's expanded support for Service Component Architecture (SCA).
ActiveMatrix 2.0 Product highlights:
* TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks is now available in both standalone mode or as a container hosted in the ActiveMatrix infrastructure.

* TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Bus, the newest addition to the product platform, is a lightweight enterprise service bus (ESB) for rapidly on-ramping services and implementing content or context-based routing.

* Expanded support for SCA enables customers to assemble, deploy, host and manage ActiveMatrix BusinessWorksT projects and services, ActiveMatrixT Service Bus mediations, Java and .NET services together as SCA-based composite applications using a single set of common tools to improve interoperability and productivity in deploying an enterprise-wide SOA; and an Integrated Service View delivers a birds-eye view of service performance and dependences.
"As organisations embark upon broader SOA initiatives, business and IT users need tools that can help them harness services across multivendor platforms and scale to meet the most demanding enterprise environments," says Marco Gerazounis, TIBCO Director - Middle East & Africa. "The TIBCO ActiveMatrix product family continues to evolve to help all types of businesses at any phase in the SOA life-cycle to reduce the complexity with developing, deploying and managing service-oriented applications."
All ActiveMatrix 2.0 products can be purchased separately or as part of three packages - the TIBCO SOA Starter Bundle, the TIBCO Integration Bundle, or the TIBCO Composite Application Bundle - which are all designed to simplify investment and deployment during any phase of an organisation's SOA lifecycle.

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