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Issue Date: April 2008

Smallest clientless NAC appliance

1 April 2008

NetClarity has announced the EasyNAC Micro, lightweight, compact, most cost-effective Network Admission Control (NAC) solution on the market.
"Government and banking customers like the fact that this solution actually works without the need for a client or agent, where most other solutions fail to stop the criminal mind from gaining insider access and stealing internal data," said Brian Little, CEO at Compliant IT, distributor of NetClarity in southern Africa. "The EasyNAC Micro, powered by the AMCC PowerPC, 405GPr embedded processor provides the same pre-and-post-NAC functionality as the EasyNAC Enterprise appliance, helping reduce the risk of malicious insiders, rogue wireless and infected returning laptops from causing downtime, data leakage or gaining control of critical network resources."
The biggest problems in the NAC space are:
(1) Inability to protect branch and remote offices.
(2) Complexity requiring infrastructure upgrades.
(3) Heavy six digit price tags.
(4) Inability to protect against the real criminals and malicious insiders who refuse to install trust agents.
This new smaller EasyNAC Micro uses the NetClarity patented model for clientless NAC, deploys in minutes without the need for agent or client software, works with your networking and legacy infrastructure, eliminating the need for expensive upgrades. The EasyNAC Micro is portable, can fit in your pocket, be deployed on any Class C size subnet to help protect up to 256 network assets including all of your laptops, desktops and servers at smaller offices and branch locations of large enterprises or the entire network of a small to medium size business.
* World's First NAC Appliance to fit in the palm of your hands.

* Assembled in the USA, worldwide certifications for export.

* ABC of network security - alerts, blocks and corrects.

* Keeps out hackers, rogue wireless devices and infected laptops.

* No client or agent software required - plug in and use in 5 minutes.

* Non invasive, non-inline using minimal bandwidth.

* Works with all existing network infrastructure and legacy equipment.

* There is no need to upgrade switches and servers.

* Architecture embedded devices offer the best combination of performance, integration, power dissipation and cost-effectiveness for networking appliance applications.
For more information contact Brian Little, Compliant IT, +27 (0)83 604 0603,

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