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Issue Date: March 2008

Harvey Jones secures SA rights to 90 Degree Software

27 March 2008

Harvey Jones has been appointed as the exclusive local distributor for Canadian-headquartered 90 Degree Software.
90 Degree has gained worldwide recognition for its flagship product, Radius90, which brings Microsoft Office intuitiveness and ease of use to the BI process. Radius90 empowers information workers with a comprehensive reporting tool that is as easy to use and familiar as Microsoft Office, and 100% compliant with Microsoft's Report Definition Language.
"BI reports are typically designed in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET," says Reinald Bormann, sales executive and contractor manager at Harvey Jones. "That is a challenging environment requiring specialist skills, whereas most people are comfortable with Office. Radius90 presents them with that standard interface.
"Instead of depending on developers, users can design their own reports, accessing Radius90's library of predefined objects, which is a selection of all report objects available to the user from the current reports pool. Radius90 therefore features a high degree of report object re-use.
This combination of ease of use and object reuse slashes report development time by up to 40%."
The reporting process in most organisations is fraught with common challenges:
* Creating and maintaining reports is difficult: users either need to be technically proficient or have a Microsoft Visual Studio .NET developer on hand.
* Reporting does not meet end-user requirements: while the business urgently needs access to critical information, the reporting burden on IT means end-users cannot easily and quickly create, edit or modify their own reports.
"Radius90 addresses all these issues," adds Bormann. "It was made with end-users in mind, and frees them to be in charge of their own reporting needs. Using tools they know and understand, they can collaborate, design, edit and format their own reports."
Radius90 inherently co-exists with Microsoft Reporting Services, integrates with any existing Microsoft report, and allows companies to maximise their existing Microsoft Business Intelligence investment.

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