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Issue Date: April 2008

Datacentrix and Opteq team up for greater network efficiency

24 April 2008

Datacentrix has signed an agreement with Opteq SA, a supplier of network management solutions focusing on delivering improved application performance, security and network management.
Opteq iQ solutions are aimed at maximising the ROI of wide area network (WAN) infrastructures through true network management and WAN optimisation.
"The cost of the WAN is soaring, particularly in light of expensive bandwidth in South Africa," explains Duncan van Jaarsveld, networking business unit manager at Datacentrix. "As we all know data, video and VOIP are growing exponentially. Because of the massive growth in data, businesses are experiencing slow application performance and losing productivity on unmanaged WAN infrastructures. Opteq iQ is well positioned to offer multiple solutions on a single platform which enables businesses to holistically manage all aspects of their WAN performance challenges."
"Companies want to become smarter in how they manage and secure their data flowing across the WAN links, while saving on expensive bandwidth across the WAN and Internet. Achieving this can only be done by optimising the transfer of data, from the data centre to user and vice versa," says Mike Zietsman, CEO at Opteq SA.
The Opteq flagship product, Opteq iQ, is a modular, fully integrated offering designed and built on the Singular iQ architecture, the customised vehicle through which the company measurably impacts the businesses of its customers by enabling them to fully capitalise on their investment in their networks.
Opteq iQ is designed as a single solution to facilitate the three converging key deliverables of the network - performance, security and management. Singular iQ, the core of all of Opteq's solutions, provides a comprehensive sets of tools which aims to support real network management.
All of the Opteq iQ application modules reside on, and exploit the functionality provided by Singular iQ.
Says Van Jaarsveld: "The strategy behind our partnership is to assist local companies in achieving real ROI from their WAN infrastructures.
Opteq has proven time and again that its solution pays for itself within a very short period, providing a holistic, secured WAN management solution that can also offer additional bandwidth savings through caching engines and assisting users in creating Internet usage policies to protect them from malicious content."
According to Zietsman, Datacentrix' strength in both the commercial and government sectors was an important consideration for Opteq. "We are looking at greatly increasing the penetration of both markets together.
In government particularly, bandwidth is a huge problem area and Datacentrix is extremely well positioned to address this market space.
"In addition, from an Opteq customer point of view, the support benefits are clear, when taking Datacentrix' data centre focus, experience and technical abilities together with its nationwide services footprint into consideration."

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