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Issue Date: May 2008

Red Hat upgrades JBoss Network Management Platform

29 May 2008

Red Hat has released a middleware management platform to centralise network monitoring and maintenance.
Red Hat said JBoss Operations Network 2.0 enables data centres to manage, monitor, and tweak application servers worldwide from a single console, saving companies the staff and expense of on-site visits for upgrades, fixes, and changes. The launch is the first major Operations Network upgrade since Red Hat acquired JBoss in 2006.
It includes a complete command-line interface with remote agent configuration, an API for interoperability, and SSL encryption for bi-directional server-agent communication.
Katrinka McCallum, vice president of management solutions at Red Hat, said: "JBoss's competitors such as IBM's Websphere and BEA's WebLogic server also centrally distribute and configure applications, but they require additional tools for monitoring, alerting, and metric analysis."
Source: Computergram

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