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Issue Date: May 2008

ATIO enters workforce optimisation arena

29 May 2008

ATIO has bolstered its resources, skills and product offering in a bid to aggressively target the workforce optimisation (WFO) market sector.
Scott Forrester, ATIO's business unit executive: Workforce Optimisation says WFO has the potential to deliver increased customer and call centre agent satisfaction as well as higher revenues and reduced costs.
"ATIO has identified a market demand for Workforce Optimisation solutions, rather than fundamental product shifting," Forrester says.
"By adding our in-depth consulting expertise to a superior product portfolio, we are able to offer clients a true solution - and deliver on the promise of Workforce Optimisation in the call centre space."
The recent acquisition of SAAB Grintek's Enterprise Division further endorsed ATIO's standing in the call centre communication market.
According to commentary issued by Gartner, the deal has created a new competitor landscape and positioned ATIO as a large, strong player in this market.
The company has existing value-added reseller (VAR) agreements with Interactive Intelligence, Microsoft, Nortel and Verint Systems. With the Grintek Enterprise acquisition, ATIO adds a strong customer base and membership in Nice Systems Partnership Programme, which will allow ATIO to become only the second reseller of Nice's interaction systems in South Africa.
In addition, the acquisition elevates ATIO to one of the few triple gold Nortel partners on the African continent, enabling it to pass on better pricing and service levels to existing and prospective customers.
Commenting on the benefits of workforce optimisation, Forrester mentions improved performance and quality metrics, which lead to cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.
"Further benefits include reduced attrition and absenteeism, resulting in improved productivity," he says. "The customer's sales ability is also enhanced, which increases revenue, and there is a greater ability to feed business insight back into the rest of the organisation."
The key to realising these benefits lies in the effective implementation of a fully integrated workforce optimisation solution which pulls together recruitment management, capability management, workforce management, quality management and performance management to positively impact the total life cycle of an organisation's workforce.
"This is why the consulting element of a WFO implementation is so critical," Forrester says. "ATIO has the skill, experience, product, partners and expertise to assist businesses to maximise revenue and minimise cost by streamlining and aligning the call centre with business objectives and best practice, and by providing customers with the ability to effectively manage risk."
The benefits of implementing a fully integrated solution include reduced hardware, software and maintenance costs, fewer integration problems and administration tasks, easier upgrades, ease of use, and streamlined reporting and analysis.
"While many vendors offer separate aspects of workforce optimisation, ATIO provides an integrated set of management tools and services. Our offering will increase efficiency and improve effectiveness," Forrester says. "Our expertise and service approach is complemented by our commitment to moving along with the customer through the entire process to ensure that the implementation is carried out properly and efficiently."

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