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Issue Date: June 2008

Social = value and risk

1 June 2008

If you cannot stop it, control it.
Haydn Pinnell, MD, Gallium (an EOH company), says that social networking cannot be ignored in today's evolving business landscape. It is important to understand the business implications of ground-breaking technologies and, more importantly, how to take advantage of them as securely as possible.
Haydn Pinnell
Haydn Pinnell
According to Internet World Stats, there are 1,1 billion Internet users, 2,5 billion cellphone users, 580 million instant messaging users and 300 million social network users, globally. Industry leaders are warming to the social networking trend and some are currently building social networking tools into their collaboration software in an effort to bring the concepts of Web 2.0 and online communities inside businesses.
"As these realtime web-based services and communities continue to grow at a tremendous pace, managers are realising the advantages of tapping into the collective knowledge of their co-workers, in much the same way consumer social networking sites like My Space and Facebook connect people online," says Pinnell.
The definition of professional behaviour on social networks is, however, a wide-open issue because people will always use them to socialise as well as do business. Therefore, technical security and user security must be addressed.
IT security specialists, should be integral in managing the launch of new social networking applications and the security of these on various platforms. "If introduced professionally and with the necessary insight and security awareness, social networking platforms hold tremendous value to a business."

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