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Issue Date: July 2008

LeftHand boosts virtual DR capabilities

1 July 2008

LeftHand Networks' SAN systems and certified Storage Replication Adapter simplify disaster recovery, lower costs and increase reliability for virtualised environments.
LeftHand Networks has announced its support for VMware Site Recovery Manager, a new product for disaster recovery management and automation. Part of VMware's suite of management and automation products for the data centre, VMware Site Recovery Manager simplifies business continuity planning and testing, and reduces the risk and complexity associated with implementing disaster recovery.
LeftHand Networks' certified Storage Replication Adapter allows customers to deploy a complete disaster recovery (DR) solution that automates DR for systems and storage across virtualised environments.
"VMware and LeftHand Networks are making disaster recovery rapid, reliable and affordable," said Parag Patel, VP, alliances, VMware. "With the interoperability between LeftHand's storage solutions and VMware Site Recovery Manager, customers can automate the testing and recovery of both applications and data recovery within VMware virtualised environments."
Organisations are increasingly faced with stringent recovery time objectives, success rate objectives and compliance requirements, all while continually seeking reliable and innovative disaster recovery solutions that can keep pace with the business expectations placed on IT organisations. LeftHand Networks' SAN systems equipped with the Storage Replication Adapter and combined with VMware Site Recovery Manager provide customers with an integrated and completely automated disaster recovery solution. The combined recovery solution makes use of LeftHand Networks' Remote Copy capability, including:
* Capacity-efficient remote copies of the data that increase the speed of recovery and maximise the utilisation of the SAN. LeftHand Networks' Remote Copy uses Advanced Thin Provisioning so that no excess reserve capacity is required in the disaster recovery site.

* Optimal usage of network/WAN resources for predictable quality of service and performance. LeftHand's Remote Copy includes bandwidth throttling so that shared WAN resources are used optimally for the replication of data while not adversely impacting other traffic on the WAN.

* Fast and easy failover and failback of the data in the event of a disaster. LeftHand Networks' Remote Copy includes incremental failover and failback capabilities managed via a simple Wizard interface. Unlike many storage vendors, once the primary data centre is restored, failback of the data only requires the transfer of the incremental changes that occur subsequent to the original failure event.
By providing a single adapter that is compatible with its entire family of SAN solutions - including iSCSI SANs and virtual SAN appliances (VSAs) - LeftHand Networks simplifies disaster recovery for customers with virtualised environments. With its block-based Remote Copy replication architecture, the LeftHand iSCSI SAN works seamlessly with VMware Site Recovery Manager, providing performance, security and recovery advantages for virtualised applications running in customer environments.
The LeftHand Networks Storage Replication Adapter is available as a free download from LeftHand Networks' and VMware's websites. A single LeftHand Networks Storage Replication Adapter is compatible across LeftHand Networks' entire suite of iSCSI SAN solutions.
For more information contact LeftHand Networks, +44 (0) 203 178 3904.

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