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Issue Date: July 2008

Dell unveils blade server virtualisation tool

17 July 2008

Dell has launched a patent-pending tool for blade chassis virtualisation for its PowerEdge M-Series blade servers.
It said Dell FlexAddress is a low-cost tool to deploy and manage blade infrastructure while reducing data centre downtime. The SD card for PowerEdge M1000e Chassis Management Controller speeds network configuration and management by virtualising the switches across up to eight chassis (up to 128 servers) by linking the blade chassis directly to both Fibre Channel World Wide Name and Ethernet/iSCSI Media Access Control formats.
The tool also offers integration with Cisco and Brocade's network and device-management tools.
The company is pitching the new tool against HP's Virtual Connect with its ability to work with a range of switches and a low starting price.
HP and IBM dominate the global blade market.
Rick Becker, vice president of software and solutions at Dell, said: "FlexAddress frees customers from existing high-cost and proprietary tools, and enables them to utilise existing network infrastructure to handle predictable and unplanned changes in their data centre without affecting the network."
The FlexAddress SD card is available now at a starting price of $499
Source: Computergram

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