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Issue Date: August 2008

World's fastest and highest capacity RAM solid-state disk

1 August 2008

Texas Memory Systems has announced the RamSan-440, a new solid state disk with record high performance, record high capacity for a RAM-based system, and a combination of features that help ensure the highest availability of data to its users.
The RamSan-440 is the world's first non-volatile RAM-based solid state disk (SSD) to sustain up to 600 000 IOPS (input/outputs per second) and deliver up to 512 GB of storage capacity in a 4U rack-mount chassis.
The RamSan-440 solid-state disk offers storage capacity ranging from 256 GB to 512 GB
The RamSan-440 solid-state disk offers storage capacity ranging from 256 GB to 512 GB
Typically, solid state disks are deployed alongside traditional storage. For example, frequently accessed database tables and indexes may be stored on the RamSan, while less performance-sensitive database components remain on existing hard disk based storage. However, the growing size of mission-critical databases and the falling cost of solid state disks have increased demand for high-performance, high-capacity SSDs. The RamSan-440 meets this demand without sacrificing reliability or value.
The RamSan-440 uses DDR2 (double-data-rate) RAM to deliver 600000 sustained random IOPS and over 4 GB/second of sustained random read or write bandwidth, with latency of less than 15 microseconds. It is available in 256 GB and 512 GB configurations in a 4U chassis. The system can be SAN-attached or direct attached through up to eight 4 Gb/second Fibre Channel ports. Multiple RamSan-440s can be combined to scale performance and capacity.
The RamSan-440 uses RAID protected Flash memory modules to rapidly back up the RAM-based data and ensure non-volatility for the system. In Active Backup mode, the RamSan-440 continuously backs up data to the internal redundant Flash modules without impacting system performance. The RamSan-440 can back up or restore the entire 512 GB of data in just six minutes.
Texas Memory Systems' patented IO² technology further improves system availability by making user or application-requested data instantly accessible after the system is powered on. Without IO² type technology a half-terabyte of data could take up to two hours to be available from other RAM SSD products after a power outage. Additionally, the RamSan-440 is the only SSD to incorporate both IBM ChipKill technology and RAID protected RAM to protect against chip or board failures. By providing multiple layers of storage protection, the RamSan-440 offers enterprise users unparalleled levels of data protection and system reliability.
"IT managers are seeking faster application performance as they store and interact with larger pools of data within their data centres," said Jeff Janukowicz, research manager for solid state drives at IDC. “Vendors such as Texas Memory Systems offer innovative storage solutions based on solid state storage to achieve significant performance gains to meet these increasing demands. For performance-driven applications, IT managers many times place a priority on price-performance metrics over traditional price-capacity metrics in order to achieve their desired performance goals.”

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