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Issue Date: August 2008

Google upgrades enterprise search appliance

14 August 2008

Google has released a new version of its search appliance for businesses with enhanced end-user features such as personalised alerts and results ranking.
The GB-7007 hardware-and-software bundle integrates storage hardware from Dell and features a self-contained search system for managing an organisation's internal electronic files. It can index up to 10 million documents compared to the 2 million of its predecessor, GB-1001. The new version is available in five-box and 12-box rack versions.
Google said it offers an alerts system that enables employees to receive e-mails when a new document related to topics they are interested is entered. It also allows administrators to bias results based on metadata, such as author, date of creation, department, or job function.
The appliance allows administrators to manage data in 27 languages and deliver search results in 40 languages.
Prices start at $30 000 for an entry-level version that can index 500 000 documents, and includes two years of support, hardware replacement coverage, and software updates.

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