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Issue Date: August 2002

On the wire

1 August 2002

Broadframe Corporation announced the world's first test product capable of evaluating and analysing data protocols on the DSL wire. The Broadframe Liberator PRO is a powerful, compact unit, which enables decoding and debugging of data protocols over a simulated DSL network.
The Liberator PRO is an essential tool for developing DSL equipment as until now it was not possible for developers to debug actual network protocols across a DSL connection. Broadframe have designed Liberator PRO so that developers can record data traffic and decode data protocols in an efficient manner within a controlled environment. Liberator PRO is said to allow engineers to be more productive by cutting out the development time wasted on problem identification.
Liberator PRO is also ideal for field-testing or quick verification of modems and other CPE equipment by test engineers and field technicians.
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