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Issue Date: July 2002

GPRS windfall

1 July 2002

According to iTouch, with the recent arrival of GPRS, mobile communications will springboard to new heights and leapfrog over the tarnished image of its predecessor WAP (wireless application protocol).
Mike Hainebach, product development manager at iTouch, says, "GPRS brings huge savings and benefits to corporates and consumers alike and the best part is that it allows your mobile device to be 'always on, always connected' in a cost effective way. You only pay for the data received and not the amount of time connected to the mobile Internet. And it also makes for far greater data speeds."
He adds that the telecoms industry at large needs GPRS to be successful as GPRS's usage, and subsequent benefits, will prove the case for the introduction of third generation (3G) services.

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