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Issue Date: July 2002

Open management

1 July 2002

According to Brett Myroff, NetXactics CEO, organisations need to take a more proactive and responsible approach to employee Internet management. He warns that companies who adopt a zero tolerance approach to non-work related Internet and e-mail use could be suffering extraneous expenses in recruitment, production delays and turnover costs.
"Many remedies adopted by companies to combat Internet misuse address only part of the issue, or even compound the problem. Expensive blocking and filtering software will prevent some instances of misuse but can often provide organisations with a false sense of security that their organisation is now protected from Internet misuse," says Myroff who recommends a multilevel approach to employee Internet management that starts with a complete and ongoing understanding of how Internet and e-mail resources are being utilised. "It has been shown that if Internet and e-mail monitoring is done transparently, employees respond well and take a more responsible role in the management of the resource," says Myroff.

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