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Issue Date: July 2002

The eagle has landed

1 July 2002

RF Group, distributors of Nokia products in South Africa, has released a new version of Nokia's Communicator cellphone/handheld computer combination, the Nokia 9210i.
The Nokia 9210i Communicator sees in enhanced Web browsing, improved security, faster data processing and support for streaming and Flash content.
The Nokia 9210i Communicator has an enhanced design with silver-covered number keys on the front. HSCSD enables fast and reliable download of e-mail with attachments.
Internal memory is beefed up to 16 MB and can be expanded by slotting in additional memory cards. Memory security was improved with a new memory card lock, which prevents unauthorised access to the memory card.
The new features of the browser include HTML 4.01 compatibility, JavaScript support and Cascade style-sheets - all of which contribute to a portable handset with Web capabilities equal to that of standard PCs.
The Nokia 9210i highlights include high-resolution colour display, high-speed e-mail, full colour video clips, support for the MS-Office file format, support for wireless Java, Java Script support, Flash Player support and the RealOne player supports video and audio streaming in HSCSD networks.
It has a bright, high-quality screen with 4096 colours. Faster internal memory connectivity: up to 14,4 Kbps on networks supporting high-speed circuit switched data (HSCD) up to 28,8 Kbps for sending and receiving e-mail (up to 43,2 Kbps on HSCSD networks).
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