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Issue Date: July 2002

Platform performance

1 July 2002

AMD introduced the AMD Athlon MP processor 2100+, a high-performance multiprocessor designed to provide the reliability demanded by server and workstation environments. With its QuantiSpeed architecture and Smart MP technology, the AMD Athlon MP processor 2100+ can integrate smoothly into existing infrastructures, providing the stability and manageability that IT managers require.
AMD is committed to providing customers with solutions that meet and exceed the demands of businesses and IT managers.
The AMD Athlon MP processor 2100+ is designed to be compatible with Microsoft Windows and multiple Linux operating systems and to enhance the performance of the world's most popular server and workstation applications. AMD's customer-centric approach means that end-users can rely on their servers to run mission-critical e-mail, exchange, file, print and networking applications. AMD Athlon MP processor 2100+ based workstations running digital content creation (DCC), computer-aided design (CAD) and software development applications can execute quickly and efficiently.
AMD's Socket A processor interface is an important component in AMD's support for the commercial market. Socket A provides the long-term stability and compatibility of a single platform, which can help lower total cost of ownership by enabling consistency across the infrastructure and decreasing platform turnover.
In addition, the AMD-760 MPX chipset, compatible with all AMD Athlon MP processors, provides high-speed peripheral connections for enhanced productivity. The chipset is featured on motherboards from a variety of manufacturers worldwide.
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