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Issue Date: June 2002

An answer to access control

1 June 2002

Hand geometry solutions are becoming one of the more common methods of identifying people using biometrics. Hand geometry units verify people - not a card, key or pin that can be easily transferred to someone else. The fact that the units are 'tamper-proof' and cannot be transferred, are among the reasons for their added level of security.
It is one of the most effective methods of identifying people and of knowing who was where, and at what time. Besides being able to identify people and their movements, these systems can also be used for time and attendance and for improving payroll accuracy and simplicity by eliminating 'buddy-punching' and providing centralised computer storage with optional networking.
Recognition Systems HandKey II utilises field-proven hand geometry technology that maps and verifies the size and shape of a person's hand all in less than one second. The benefits of biometric security were once reserved for high-security applications, but the HandKey II changes that. Tens of thousands of HandKeys are already installed in applications that range from health clubs and day care centres to laboratories and prisons.
The HandKey II provides the security and convenience comparable to card-based systems. Because your hand is your card, HandKey II allows access only to authorised people without the hassles of a card or key.
Clive Handley, 011 458 0000

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