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Issue Date: May 2002

Linux goes business critical computing

1 May 2002

Just a few days after the official launch of the Linux Advanced Server from Red Hat, Fujitsu Siemens Computers announced a pre-tested Web server farm for business critical computing, which is based on the new operating system. In this solution, load is distributed equally to several PRIMERGY servers. If the demand for computing power increases, additional servers can be simply activated online allowing for the efficient management of short-term load peaks. An entry-level configuration will be available on the market from around May 2002 and will include four high-availability, load balanced PRIMERGY servers, uninterruptible power supply, 19" rack, console, Red Hat Linux advanced server and Apache Web server.
A number of PRIMERGY servers are connected in a load-balanced system in the current server farms now on offer. If a server fails or is down for maintenance work, the remaining servers take over its tasks. Conversely, additional servers can be added to a configuration via a graphical user interface. These handle some of the tasks of the other servers and hence improve the performance of the server farm. Fujitsu Siemens Computers is supplying appropriate tools for controlling and monitoring the overall system. The Apache Web server under Linux has proven itself in numerous cases to be a cost-effective solution for high-performance websites.
The Red Hat advanced server was developed specially for use on enterprise servers. Red Hat guarantees significantly longer life cycles for individual operating system versions than were previously typical with Linux. This increases the attractiveness of the open operating system for independent software vendors and allows further improvement in the availability of software for mission-critical use under Linux. Moreover, Red Hat has optimised the advanced server with regard to high availability, security and scalability. Further improvements affect areas such as shared data access, clustering and I/O performance. Red Hat works closely together with Fujitsu Siemens Computers on the certification of systems and has committed itself to providing extensive project support through its professional services.
Fujitsu Siemens Computers will certify all new PRIMERGY servers in the future for the Red Hat Linux advanced server.
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