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Issue Date: April 2002

Cool phone with great accessories

1 April 2002

The Ericsson T68 full colour display is brilliant, cheerful and adds a sparkling change to the wireless two-tone world. Added to this, the phone has GPRS for fast mobile Internet, Bluetooth for cable-free convenience and global coverage for ultimate freedom. Other extras include e-mail, a versatile organiser and extreme power. The original accessories add another spunky dimension to the phone. The pick of the bunch has got to be the Bluetooth Handsfree HBH-20. It is a new concept in hands-free use, combining the advantages of Bluetooth with the feel of a traditional hands-free. Worn on a cord around your neck or clipped onto a shirt or a blouse it will impress the trendy as it blends in with your clothing while letting you enjoy the freedom of wireless communication with your phone.</a>

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