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Issue Date: March 2002

Primary security

1 March 2002

With their nCipher value proposition, NamITech is addressing two critical issues vital to e-business - speed and security. By addressing public key cryptography, they are tapping at the nucleus of the most secure operations within the e-business world. However, there are also drawbacks of public key cryptography. For example, for public key cryptography to be effective the private key must be securely stored and managed. Also, public key cryptography is slow and puts a heavy load on the server and ties up processor capacity. Added to this, is that it is difficult for public key cryptography to be scaled up without exposing the private keys. Nevertheless, nCipher is said to deliver the benefits of high-level protection for private keys, a secure key infrastructure to manage and deploy private keys and a cryptographic acceleration to eliminate bottlenecks.
Thus far nCipher has a proven track record of working with some of the biggest organisations in the world and accelerating e-commerce connections. These include, Microsoft, Hotmail, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, PwC, Identrus and Egg. As a global company, they are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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