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Issue Date: February 2002

There is no business like e-business

1 February 2002

The stage is set. The play is scheduled. Unfortunately the dress rehearsal was a letdown. The stage is set. The play is scheduled. Unfortunately the dress rehearsal was a letdown.
In fact, many a critic would say it was a disaster and perhaps on the barometer of success recognised it as a tragic two. The costumes were too fancy, the sequins too glittery. Many of the actors had never before appeared in such an intricate play and naïvely rewrote the script into an abstract genre. A genre, which in its intangible form was destined to disappear and only live a short life filled with hype, fame and fortune.
Will the opening night be any different? Will the players have learnt from their mistakes? Will another troupe take the cue and produce a better, back-to-basics play and snatch the award? What can be expected when the velvet curtains are hauled up?
Still bearing last year's showdown and slowdown in mind, companies are at present embarking on an extremely focused and prioritised strategy to reduce cost and improve productivity. Learning from past e-business mistakes, companies today view the e-platform as the ideal stage to execute a flawless script.
Klaas Lammers, the executive director at Datacentrix says that companies must first get all their business basics in place, since all the e-business term means, is operating a business electronically. Therefore, neither fancy costumes nor brand new scripts are necessary and the only cost incurred to a company should be money wisely spent on enabling and integrating products that optimise a business deliver a swift return on investment.
Thorsten Freitag, the managing director of Cisco in South Africa also believes that companies will focus on productivity and cost reduction to compete. He sees the network as providing the foundation for future growth with convergence playing a major role in influencing decreased price tags.
A converged network is a cost-effective network. Freitag advises companies who want to compete in the e-business theatre to build a network that is scalable and quality of service enabled. In other words, a company must make sure that their network can grow.
Through integrating various objects and changing a complex network into one that is simple, failure in the future could be avoided and if you learn what to prioritise internally and externally, your company, could very well be on its way to putting on the best performance ever!
I personally hope that this year we will hear a more deserving applause; fewer performances that played to empty houses, and an act that is real and has an achievable, believable plot.
In this, our world, it ain't over till the last network crashes. The show, ladies and gentlemen, must go on. Break a leg!
Till next month
Heike Beisiegel

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