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Issue Date: November 2005

Axiz extends the desktop

1 November 2005

Costs of buying and managing desktops getting you down? Why not try sharing a desktop between multiple users simultaneously?
A desktop is perceived to be a singular device with a single user solution, but Axiz, together with HP, Sapphire Technologies and Userful International see things differently. The team has extended the desktop with the introduction of the HP DC7600 MultiStation, which features multiple connections of up to eight users at any one time.
The HP DC7600 MultiStation is targeted at educational institutions, Internet cafés or kiosks as well as registration booths: "We believe that the ability to connect multiple users who can work simultaneously from one system is a major industry breakthrough. Instead of connecting a couple of PCs that has to be independently managed as a result of a small budget, companies can now enjoy connecting three times the amount of users for the same price. These users can then operate as if totally independent of one another," says Mark Forbes, HP workstation product manager at Axiz.
Offering features such as Web browser, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database, drawing programs and e-mail; the HP DC7600 MultiStation offers a complete all-in-one office, school or library solution. It also comes standard with a three year, next business day on-site warranty. From a management perspective, upgrades become cheaper as there is only one PC to upgrade and access is controlled both on a hardware and software basis.
"The HP DC7600 MultiStation targets a market that has received little attention before. This desktop bridges that gap as it allows for the utilisation of all available resources," indicates Forbes. With its versatile interface, the HP DC7600 MultiStation can create its own e-mail server and offers users applications they require to perform daily tasks at a fraction of the cost.
Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier
Imvula Consulting also provides users with a multi-user PC option in the form of Omni's Novell Linux Desktop Multiplier (NDLM). The product allows organisations to use one standard computer to support 10 independent desktops running Novell Linux Desktop.
The company says users can save up to 80% of the cost of deploying 10 full desktop PCs. The NLDM is best suited to environments where traditional office applications are needed.
The NLDM takes advantage of Intel or AMD PC technology, with companies only required to ensure the workstation offers a sufficient amount of memory to handle the needs of the desktops. Organisations can therefore make their IT budgets stretch even further with the NLDM because of the Linux operating system, as well as the requirement to only support one PC for 10 users. Each user simply needs a screen, USB keyboard and USB mouse.
The Omni NLDx10 is installed in a Novell Linux Desktop system - without requiring kernel compiling or any complex configuration. It uses inexpensive dual-head video cards to allow for up to 10 monitors to be simultaneously attached to the computer.
In a comparison on The Omni website downloadable at (, a comparison between a traditional 100 PC environment running Windows and the NLDM alternative delivers cost savings of over $250 000.
For more information contact Axiz, 011 237 7000,, Imvula Consulting, 012 643 0660.

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