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Issue Date: February 2006

Centralised data management

1 February 2006

The FibreCAT N20-WAFS (wide area file services) appliance from Fujitsu Siemens Computers enables central data management with zero performance loss.
The new FibreCAT N20-WAFS with wide area file services from Fujitsu Siemens Computers is pivotal to the 'dynamic IT for branch office connection' concept, a concept designed to take advantage of the efficiency and benefits of a central corporate computing centre to manage the data in a company's remote and branch offices as well.
This new appliance reduces the time it takes to open and save files via the WAN (wide area network) from several minutes to mere seconds. This means that companies can now manage the data in their branch offices centrally in the computing centre without causing any delays in access via the WAN. This data consolidation benefits companies not only by reducing administration and operating costs. It also facilitates cooperation between the different branch offices since they can now access the same documents at the same time and virtually at LAN speed.
The FibreCAT N20-WAFS systems are based on the Windows Storage Server operating system and are the only WAFS solution to have ever received a Microsoft endorsement to date. Customised to meet the special needs of companies with many branch offices that have few or no applications on local application servers, this solution also provides companies with great potential for consolidating and reducing their operating costs. Because using the WAFS appliances means that all data is stored in the head office, the central computing centre is responsible for backup, recovery and disaster prevention for the entire enterprise, allowing companies to save in terms of IT staff, hardware costs and software licences because data backup is no longer required in the branch offices.
"The FibreCAT N20-WAFS is another one of our successful storage systems in the FibreCAT N series and an important element in our 'dynamic IT for branch office connection', which is part of our Dynamic Data Centre concept," says Rui de Oliveira, product manager Enterprise Computing at Fujitsu Siemens Computers. "This new appliance also offers companies low initial costs along with a very rapid ROI (return on investment). At the same time, users can be confident that their data has optimum protection and can be accessed as required in just seconds."
Wide area file services is a file system that optimises and reduces data traffic in the WAN. The WAFS solution from Fujitsu Siemens Computers is made up of an edge appliance in each branch office and a core appliance in the head office. The core appliance has one or more disk memories connected upstream and is able to optimise queries from the branch offices via the WAN. The data currently in use is held locally on the edge appliance in a cache and the standard TCP/IP protocol is fine-tuned to the minimum number of transmissions required to considerably reduce WAN traffic overall and enable rapid data access. The latency times that can otherwise be expected are now a thing of the past. And, if the centrally stored file is altered in any way, the edge appliance is notified and updates the data accordingly in the cache.
The FibreCAT N20-WAFS appliances are pre-installed and up and running in a matter of minutes. They are based on the Fujitsu Siemens Computers PRIMERGY servers and run on the Windows Storage Server operating system to guarantee seamless integration in a Windows environment with Active Directory and Microsoft software. In addition, the FibreCAT N20-WAFS can also be used as a print server and an additional local file server in the branch offices.
Twice as much and twice as fast
The FibreCAT TX10 PacketLoader from Fujitsu Siemens Computers is a compact, reliable and powerful solution for automated data backup and restore. The device is based on the new VXA-320 tape drive and offers twice the capacity and transmission speed of its predecessor, the VXA-2 PacketLoader. As a rack product with a single height unit and 10 cartridge slots, the FibreCAT TX10 PacketLoader saves a great deal of space and offers small and medium-sized enterprises or branches a high degree of reliability coupled with maximum performance.
"Secure data storage is vital to success for small and medium-sized enterprises as well," says Rui de Oliveira, product manager Enterprise Computing at Fujitsu Siemens Computers. "Nevertheless, many such enterprises provide inadequate protection against data loss. With the FibreCAT TX10 PacketLoader, which is geared specifically to the requirements of this market segment, SMEs are now in a position to save and restore their strategically important data in a professional manner."
The FibreCAT TX10 PacketLoader has a maximum storage capacity of 3,2 terabytes and a maximum transmission speed of 80 Gigabytes/hour, four times the values offered by devices based on DAT-72 (digital audio tape) and DDS-5 (digital data storage) technology. Similarly, the tapes can be rewritten and read up to 500 times, five times more often than with DAT systems.
The device incorporates a bar code reader to speed up the read process when restoring data and thus helps keep restore times to a minimum.
For more information, contact Rui de Oliveira, product manager - Enterprise Solutions, 011 545 2218,

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