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Issue Date: May 2006

Trans Hex Board with BI

1 May 2006

Trans Hex, the diamond exploration and mining group, has implemented Board M.I.T., the business intelligence solution, to assist with financial management reporting.
Trans Hex group manager finance, Stephen Robinson, says: "We looked at a range of BI solutions and chose Board M.I.T. It is a cost-effective solution that was quick and easy to implement. Subsequently, Board has contributed to cutting down on our workload over month-end by assisting us to automate certain processes."
Robinson says initially a certain amount of groundwork was required to understand the data structure within the SAP files. "We needed to write extracts for SAP and then create an import facility into Board. But once this was done the system worked smoothly."
Board M.I.T. also captures data from different sources (such as Excel spreadsheets) and consolidates the information into a single report. It gives Trans Hex the ability to combine different data sets and report data in various formats.
Robinson says Board has freed up time during each month-end that was previously spent transposing financial information manually. Although we are not currently using the full capabilities available to us in the product we are still getting benefits. TCM has played a significant role in the success of the implementation.
TCM marketing executive Ashley Weeden says Board Management Intelligence Toolkit is a comprehensive solution for advanced business intelligence implementations. The toolkit includes a high performance multidimensional database (M-OLAP), capable of handling large amounts of data without experiencing the typical limitations of M-OLAP engines.
TCM marketing executive, Ashley Weeden
TCM marketing executive, Ashley Weeden
"It is powerful yet a simple front-end development environment for building applications that range from simple reporting to complex planning and simulation. Board is also able to deliver an integrated collaboration capability, based on its peer-to-peer technology, allowing users to collaborate through virtual meetings."
For more information contact Ashley Weeden, TCM, 011 848 6000,

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