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Issue Date: May 2006

Hummingbird heard at NPI

1 May 2006

The National Productivity Institute (NPI) has implemented the Hummingbird Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution to assist in improving productivity by effectively managing documentation within the organisation.
Grant Glanvill, NPI acting IT manager, says the Hummingbird Document Management module and the imaging module implementation were completed at the end of last year and user training is underway: "We are currently going through the process of training staff using a train-the-trainer method. Once the trainers have been equipped, workshops will be held to train the other staff within the NPI."
As soon as the current financial year is completed, Glanvill says the NPI will look to expand the number of employees utilising Hummingbird to include the entire staff at the NPI head office. The NPI will also look to purchase the Hummingbird records management module to ensure that the organisation complies with the National Archiving Act.
"We implemented the solution so that productivity would be accelerated. By having a central repository of documents, employees spend less time looking for documentation and are thus able to have more control over their own documentation. It also frees up our IT department to attend to more critical issues," says Glanvill.
"Hummingbird not only enables the NPI employees to search across file formats within the central repository, but ensures that the NPI now owns all intellectual property within the organisation," says Thabo Tshegang, IA Systems account manager.
"Previously the documents of the NPI were held on various employees' desktops, which restricted employee access to information and hindered research within the organisation," continues Tshegang. "Now that documents are stored in one location, research time can be significantly reduced. Added to that, each department, and not the individual, becomes the custodian of information, which means information need not be lost if an employee leaves the NPI."
"Hummingbird was the best solution at the best price, making it an easy choice for the NPI," concludes Glanvill.
For more information contact Thabo Tshegang, IA Systems, 011 675 3113,

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