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Issue Date: May 2006

Creating a dream site with Dreamweaver

1 May 2006

It can be very easy to create amazing websites with Dreamweaver 8, part of the Macromedia Studio 8 package. However, the package is not that simple to allow a novice Dreamweaver user to start being brilliant without some guidance. How to Do Everything with Dreamweaver 8, available from Intersoft provides that guidance.
Designed as a reference for experienced users looking to do specific functions as well as a complete guide for novices, this book is a real 'how to' guide that take you from the start, looking at the structure of the Dreamweaver applications through to the process of developing and maintaining the most up-to-date Web pages and sites.
It is written by Michael Meadhra a best-selling author who has written or contributed to nearly 35 computer books, including the previous editions of How to Do Everything with Dreamweaver. The author has divided the chapters into logical chunks designed to lead the user into evermore complex and sophisticated components of the application. This includes working with forms, dynamic sites, and publishing and collaborating with others.
It is important to note that this is more than a simple 'how to' use a graphical Web page designer (although if that is all you need Dreamweaver will still handle the job), but will cover sophisticated design and Web programming as well. If you use it in combination with the rest of the tools in Studio 8 you will have an explosive combination of powerful tools at your disposal, helped no doubt by a well-designed book to help you master the application.
Check out or call Intersoft on 08600-BOOKS for more information. Or you can catch the Intersoft stand at Futurex.

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