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Issue Date: May 2006

The data centre of the future

1 May 2006

Whether in small businesses or major enterprises - the demands placed on IT performance are growing incessantly.
Highly complex applications, ever faster processors, and round-the-clock information and communication call for more than just an intact physical infrastructure. With RimatriX5 - Driving IT Performance - Rittal is now offering an integrated overall concept for modern computer centres with comprehensive service and five perfectly matched IT modules: rack, power, cooling, security as well as monitoring and remote management. Users are presented an all-round solution for secure, rack-based IT infrastructures ensuring cost-saving efficiency and maximum availability from single-rack solutions to full-scale computer centres.
Five optimum solution modules, an integrated complete package and service - that is the strategy behind the RimatriX5 concept from Rittal. One clear benefit of RimatriX5 is a worldwide service network from Rittal promising regional proximity. Scalable service packages are the hallmark of complete solutions from a single partner - from precise risk analyses and software-based planning with dedicated configuration tools, via application-oriented installation, commissioning, maintenance, repair and warranty services, right up to fast and intelligent escalation management. Rittal guarantees maintenance in the sense of pro-active security in conjunction with the CMC-TC (Computer Multi Control TopConcept). The monitoring system reports escalation events to a control centre whatever the time of day, enabling appropriate countermeasures to be initiated without delay. The RimatriX5 service package is thus the key to maximum operational reliability and economic efficiency.
Every investment in new or expanded computer centres, whatever their size, is naturally scrutinised very carefully beforehand. The new performance capabilities cannot be viewed separately from the initial outlay and later operating costs, which may only be revealed in continuous operation. When it comes to such assessments of TCO, RimatriX5 has positive influences on practically all categories of costs: from power consumption, space costs and overheads, to the mean time to repair (MTTR) and investment outlay or maintenance and the mean time between failures (MTBF).
The philosophy of RimatriX5 is based on a rack-optimised configuration of IT infrastructures, with the modularity to permit adaptation to specific IT demands. The perfectly coordinated interaction of rack-based climate control, power and security solutions, after all, is a prerequisite for enhanced performance per IT rack and thus for optimisation of the overall efficiency of an IT infrastructure in respect of space requirements and fixed costs. Maximum packing density and efficient space utilisation are positive influences on TCO and help to lower the day-to-day operating costs. The heart of the rack-optimised design is the widely proven TS 8 server enclosure platform. Maximum rack volumes, scalable baying options, optimum surface protection, extreme stability, sheer endless expansion possibilities, ultimate access security and intelligent passive ventilation are the conditions which permit highly individualised IT infrastructure configurations with greater freedoms, flexibility and reliability. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of server and network enclosures, Rittal is able to offer a comprehensive choice of rack solutions with an unparalleled range of accessories.
System availability and the reliability of IT infrastructure platforms are decisive factors for the efficiency and productivity of company processes. At the same time, miniaturisation and the ever greater performance of the hardware components place new demands on modern power management concepts. Power management in RimatriX5 bundles the demands with regard to redundancy, scalability and maximum availability, to be able to address the actual power requirements of an individual case. From power input and routing in the racks to dedicated signal and voltage distribution, the principle of scalability is implemented consistently - including later expansion without interruption to current operations. Thanks to plug-and-play power distribution for both rack and room, and with a corresponding UPS unit as power supply backup, the 'Power' module of RimatriX5 ensures optimum power performance and maximum availability.
Whether server room or computer centre, whether high or highest availability - the separate modules of RimatriX5 can be adapted to individual changes in demands at any time. And they are able to grow with these demands.
For further information and official launch, please visit Rittal during the Futurex exhibition from the 16th-19th of May 2006 in Hall 1, stand D21-26 at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg.

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