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Issue Date: May 2008

Datacentrix ensures a stable IT environment for Sanyati

15 May 2008

Datacentrix has been awarded a new project with KwaZulu-Natal-based Sanyati Holdings, a civil engineering and construction company.
As a rapidly growing company, Sanyati has a high level of risk exposure to IT, with its previous environment leading to a lack of effective productivity. Recognising this, Sanyati has appointed Datacentrix to implement a comprehensive IT solution.
"We ascertained that Sanyati's IT infrastructure had inadequate capacity for current and future IT needs, as well as challenges in terms of staffing and management of the IT system," says Marlene Brady, account manager at Datacentrix. "A final point of concern was the urgent nature of rectifying these issues and the related time constraints."
Says Clive Whittington, IT manager at Sanyati Holdings: "Once we had decided that we needed to upgrade our accounting packages, it became immediately obvious that our server system would be inadequate as a platform for these new technologies. In addition to this, we needed to ensure a more stable platform for our e-mail, Internet access and backup software."
In terms of the project, Datacentrix recommended that critical IT functions be facilitated in a central data centre managed by existing staff and building an infrastructure that catered for the current requirements without sacrificing future flexibility. It needed to be robust and make provision for component failure, as well as human error.
Datacentrix' solution comprised of three components: the first being the processing component; the second, the storage component and the third being management. The processing component consists of a blade server chassis populated with eight blades, which will host most of Sanyati's IT services.
The storage component consists of a storage area network (SAN), which will provide the majority of the storage requirements of the data centre. And in terms of the services component, the whole of the data centre solution is optimised towards the managing of services and data.
This ensures that IT services can be deployed and made available in an optimal and efficient manner.

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