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Issue Date: June 2008

Clickatell helps retail industry increase in-store promotion effectiveness

19 June 2008

Clickatell has announced it was chosen by retail grocery chain Fruit & Veg City to provide text messages to communicate store announcements and sales promotions to customers. This service provides instant access to customers, ensuring they never miss discounts and deals on offer.
Given the sheer ubiquity of mobile phone adoption across the world, this initiative leads the way in providing not only a compelling marketing and promotions platform, but enables retailers to lower operational costs and increase the bottom line. SMS marketing and communications is a fraction of the cost of traditional methods commonly used to market, promote and communicate with consumers via print ads, flyers and mailers, etc, giving Fruit & Veg City an innovative way to reach customers at a much lower cost and more importantly in dynamic and targeted manner.
Customers no longer have to search through the Sunday newspaper ads for coupons and weekly specials. After customers opt into the program, Fruit & Veg City provides current on-sale information directly to the customer's cellphone via SMS. The retail chain also runs realtime contests and promotions with customers to give them opportunities to win prizes such as free overseas trips.
To take advantage of this free service, Fruit & Veg customers simply fill out a form in the store to opt into the program. They can then arrange their shopping trips depending on what is on sale that week. If they choose to participate, they can even take part in Fruit & Veg¬initiated contests to win free groceries from the store.

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