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Issue Date: August 2008

SonicWALL E-Class solutions

1 August 2008

Every business follows an economic cycle generally dependent on its particular market segment. Times of growth are followed by a period of stability, then a possible decline and probably the toughest period, regeneration.
During each of these phases, the IT department has to ensure that the business thrives, whilst the challenges of deploying new services to keep the business competitive, and protected, continue to stretch budgets. It is no wonder the role of the CIO has changed so much: the business issues are as complex as the technical ones.
Whether your industry is in oil, construction, retail or government, world markets trends will influence your profitability and the cost of services you have to deliver. Even in the most affluent regions of the globe, IT departments are changing from a cost centre model to that of a key business contributor, where the total cost of an IT deployment is observed more closely by other departments.
Enterprise risk management
It was in this context, that in 2005 SonicWALL took the strategic decision to enter the Enterprise market for IT security. Its aim was simple: to offer the IT professional an alternative solution for enterprises, that would drive the cost and complexity out of deploying, managing and administering a security infrastructure.
Put simply, SonicWALL secures and manages the critical business needs of network security, secure remote access and e-mail security.
According to Andrew Potgieter, Network and Security Solutions account manager at First Distribution, SonicWALL is today a recognised global leader in these security disciplines, "with many existing enterprise customers using our solutions to stay protected".
Says Potgieter, “Mainly being the solution of choice for the branch/remote office needs, we saw the potential to resolve the headquarter security requirements also, using the same ethos of superior technology delivered more cost effectively, which keeps us as market leader in the mid-tier segment.
“Through organic technology development and with some key acquisitions we have launched the SonicWALL E-Class portfolio. A unique and alternative approach that fully meets our stated aims for addressing the commercial and technical security needs of the new dynamic Enterprise,” he adds.
SonicWALL E-Class product suite
SonicWALL E-Class product suite
E-Class solutions in all verticals
“We recognised that to address the needs of the enterprise market with a new offering, our ability to demonstrate clearly our technical advancements would be crucial. Working closely with our accredited partners has ensured an early acceptance of SonicWALL.
“You may already be working on your next project for remote access or have decided that core firewalls need replacing. Or you may recognise that compliance issues and/or cultural issues are compromising your e-mail security. If so, I believe it may be the right time to take a deeper look at SonicWALL E-Class portfolio and the enterprise grade solutions they offer,” he says.
Launched in December 2007 the E-Class solutions are already gaining market share as more and more heads of IT and their teams evaluate SonicWALL’s solutions, choosing SonicWALL as a cost-effective alternative.
For more information contact Andrew Potgieter, First Distribution, 27 (0)21 529 5555,

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